Opinion: Top Activist Groups Directly Contribute To Increasing Polarization

A multitude of friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers actively support a group, whether its Black Lives Matter or Blue Lives Matter. But how are these everyday people in the same group as Kenosha’s arsonists and looters, or D.C.’s terrorists?

“Black Lives Matter.”

It’s pretty straightforward why someone would show support for either of these. It is hard not to be angry at the unjust killings of people like George Floyd or Breonna Taylor. And we virtually never see meaningful change or convictions resulting from these cases: enter BLM.

But on the other end of that spectrum, it is equally hard for “good” cops that don’t overstep boundaries or brutalize people. The ones that truly protect their community and want every altercation to end in minimal conflict.

They were not spared of the blame in the unrelenting (but warranted) calls for change, often being cited as “bystanders.” “ACAB” (all cops are bad) was a complete train wreck of a slogan because it effectively alienated such a large portion of the population.

A Phrase Or An Organized Group?

When the left says “Black Lives Matter”, they are referring to demanding change in the disproportionate shootings of African-Americans by police, especially when unarmed. But to the right, it represents the organization, founded by three self-described “trained Marxists,” a description certain to be unsettling to many Americans.

Similarly, “Blue Lives Matter” as a phrase on its own represents support for police, particularly all of the “good cops”, who risk their safety to protect their communities. But to those critical of it, Blue Lives Matter was invented by an outspoken racist, and perpetuates biased media.

The Black Lives Matter Organization seeks to make much more change than just police reform, and they are open about this on their official websites. The more extremist end of “Blue Lives Matter” seeks to resist any and all police reform, even though the majority of Americans believe reform is needed.

A Repeating Trend

Taking a look at what has happened over the years of those organizations, they too have grown more and more radical.

PETA is the reason that all the obnoxious stereotypes of vegans exist; they use shock and disruption to deliver their points.

Similarly, the NRA has grown over time from a group about gun safety and loving the marksmanship or activities involving guns to a group that refuses to allow for any federal gun legislation, no matter how many mass shootings occur or who the victims are.

The difference is that PETA and the NRA were not adversaries. They were on different political spectrums, but existed to fight for totally separate issues.

Black Lives Matter & Blue Lives Matter are each other’s yin and yang. Each corresponds to a political group, even if some members belong to the opposite party. If you’re into politics or in any way socially conscious, it’s usually one or the other. Both groups perpetuate that the other is their enemy constantly working against what their group is fighting for. And to an extent, that’s true.

Both groups fight for the exact opposite goals of one another. But the majority of these groups don’t hate the other groups members, they are just passionate about what they are in favor of. Needless to say, there are a number of BLM members that believe all cops are bad and a number of “Blue Lives Matter” supporters who are either closeted or outspoken racists.

They Aren’t Helping

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