The 9 Closest States In The 2020 Presidential Election

Note: This story was written November 25th, 2020. Vote counts in certain states will still continue to change, but the percent margin almost certainly won’t change by more than plus or minus 0.01%.

Political analysts and media sources love to discuss which states will be the closest as Election Day approaches. It keeps people following the daily breadcrumb trail of who is winning and where, and is a major factor for those who like to wager on elections.

Polls frequently change and often have a margin of error of 5 points. Speculation over how voter demographics change in 4 years keep states that aren’t perennial swing states in the grasp of either candidate. So now that every state has been called, which ones were the closest?

9. Texas: Trump wins by 5.58% (5,890,347 for Trump, 5,259,126 for Biden)

8. Florida: Trump wins by 3.35% (5,668,731 for Trump, 5,297,045 for Biden)

7. Michigan: Biden wins by 2.78% (2,649,852 for Trump, 2,804,040 for Biden)

6. Nevada: Biden wins by 2.39% (669,890 for Trump, 703,486 for Biden)

5. North Carolina: Trump wins by 1.35% (2,758,775 for Trump, 2,684,292 for Biden)

4. Pennsylvania: Biden wins by 1.18% (3,378,263 for Trump, 3,459,923 for Biden)

3. Wisconsin: Biden wins by 0.63% (1,610,065 for Trump, 1,630,673 for Biden)

2. Arizona: Biden wins by 0.30% (1,661,686 for Trump, 1,672,143 for Biden)

  1. Georgia: Biden wins by 0.26% (2,461,837 for Trump, 2,474,507 for Biden)

For reference: Florida in the 2000 Presidential election, an infamously close race, saw Bush win by <0.01%.

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